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The Doctor is in.... Your Home!


Q & A with the Doctors of VNA's Visiting Physician Services

It is a scene reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting: a doctor toting a black bag knocks at the front door of a patient’s home, while...

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"Gear to Grow" Provides Baby and Toddler Gear to Moms in Need


Stephanie Hoitt, Childrens Auxiliary Member, pictured in the basement of her home with Gear to Grow supplies

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Every Pregnant Mother Needs These 2 Vaccines [infographic]

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A Special Wish for a Hospice Patient Provides Peace of Mind


Pictured from left to right Helene Purcell with Wardell Duncan, Volunteer Coordinator; Sarah Fabry, Hospice Social Worker; Megan Knight, Director of Development & Community Outreach and Michele...

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Time, Talent and Treasure - All Are Mission Critical to VNA

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105-Year-Old Hospice Patient Shared Fond Memories with Her Care Team

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5 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep [Infographic]


When we sleep, our bodies and minds rest and recover. Memory and mood are both affected by the amount and quality of sleep we receive each night. Getting a full night's rest verses being sleep...

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Three Women Who Impacted Social Work in the US


Each day, social workers tirelessly assist and better the lives of millions of residents in their communities. March is “Social Workers Month” and, at VNA Health Group, we have the privilege of...

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Add These Alternatives to your Diet for Better Heart Health [Infographic]


It's no secret that heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women. About 610,000 Americans die of heart disease every year (that's about one in every four deaths for those...

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VNA HIV Program Recognized for Excellence in Home & Community-Based Care

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