Prevent Tick Bites with These Tips [Infographic]



For most New Jerseyans, the summer is a time spent mostly outdoors in the beauty of nature. Camping, hiking, gardening and other outdoor activities are a great way to relax and enjoy the season before the weather starts to cool down. However, with these recreations comes a risk that can often go overlooked. Ticks!

The Passaic County Health Department notes that this year reports of ticks have been higher than usual. Ticks can be small and difficult to see and can carry diseases that are harmful to humans like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (although rare in New Jersey). Data released recently by the New Jersey Department of Health shows Lyme disease levels last year reached their highest point in almost 20 years, this could be attributed by the increase in tick activity in the New Jersey area.

Always prepare to encounter ticks whenever you are planning on doing outdoor activities and give yourself a thorough check when returning home. If you do notice a tick has bitten you, consult with your doctor. View our infographic below for some more tips to prevent tick bites.